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What does it look like?

Here are some screenshots (of Beam v1.0):

The main window with the usual three-pane view:
  • left: the mailfolder-view, showing the folder-hierarchy of the mailbox.
  • top-right: the mailref-view, showing info about all mails of selected mail-folder.
  • bottom-right: the mailview, showing headers, attachments and contents of selected mail.
A mail with many attachments (the mime-torture-test) is being viewed in the main window's mailview, which is in 'small'-headers mode. Above the headers, the context menu of the mailref-view is shown.
The mailview-window, showing a simple mail in 'large'-headers mode.
The mailview-window showing the same mail, but this time 'full'-headers are shown.
The mailedit-window, showing the address-fields and other info at the top and the editable textview below.
The two arrow-buttons on the left of the 'To'- and 'Subject'-field show/hide more fields (Cc, Bcc, ...).
The mailedit-window again, this time showing all fields.
The edit headers window, which is displayed directly before sending a mail when you ask Beam to do so (by activating the 'Edit headers before send'-checkbox).
The job-status window which pops up whenever Beam is retrieving mail, sending mail or moving a lot of mails around.
Every job has its own subview in here, which can be made to show/hide dynamically, just as jobs come and go.
The general preferences page, where you can edit general GUI options, as well as control performance and timing.
The shortcuts prefs-page, where you can setup all menu-shortcuts as you would like them to be.
The logging prefs-page, where you can determine what information Beam shall log.
The sending mail prefs-page, where you can control how mail-messages are created by Beam.
The smtp-accounts preferences, where details of all sending mail-accounts are entered.
The reading mail prefs-page, where you can control how received mail-messages are being displayed by Beam and what mimetypes you trust when opening attachments.
The pop-accounts preferences, where details of all receiving mail-accounts are entered.
The identities prefs-page, where details of all identities (personal info) are entered.
The signature preferences, where you can setup the signatures you would like to use.
The filter preferences, where you can create and edit the mail-filters.
The filter-chains prefs-page, where you can group mail-filters into different chains.

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