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What's Beam?

Here's the story:

Beam (BEware, Another Mailer) is an open source e-mail client for BeOS (R5 and onwards) that aims to be fast, stable and feature-complete.

Beam was created by Oliver Tappe and is copylefted by means of the GPL.

So what does Beam currently offer?

  • Multiple Mail-Accounts (POP & SMTP), with support for default-acounts and automatic selection of appropriate account when replying, etc...
  • Fully MIME compliant (Beam passes the MIME-Torture-Test)
  • Performance adequate for large mail-folders (>10000 msgs), with optional mail-caching
  • POP-authentication (POP3, APOP, CRAM-MD5, DIGEST-MD5)
  • SMTP-authentication (SmtpAfterPop, PLAIN, LOGIN, CRAM-MD5, DIGEST-MD5)
  • Many configuration options, esp. for mail-construction.
  • Full header-control, you can directly edit mail-headers before sending a message
  • Stability (I hope - having used Beam for years now as my main email-client with only a few problems)
  • Filter capabilities (using SIEVE and a SPAM-filter)
  • Identities, separating the user-info (name, mail-address, signature) from the network-info (server-address, login & password)
  • Full Support for people-files (you can create, edit and use them)
  • Secure Transport (TLS, SSL), by means of OpenSSL
  • Preliminary IMAP-support (fetches mails just as POP3 does)

What's going to come?

  • Online user-documentation
  • Virtual mail-folders, as in Postmaster
  • Searching through mail-folders, with possibility to save searches as virtual folders
  • Support for mailing-lists, with automatic mail-threading
  • Decent IMAP support, with seamless integration into local mail-handling
  • Secure mail-contents by means of GPG (Gnu Privacy Guard) and perhaps S/MIME
Any further suggestions are welcome!

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